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Lost Tickets

June 02, 1996

In this, the computer age, I find it appalling that airlines don't just reissue lost tickets on the spot ("Stolen or Lost Air Tickets?" Travel Insider, May 5). They certainly should have the technical capability to do it; if they don't, they need to update their systems. They could prevent fraud at the same time by voiding the lost ticket in the computer system.

As for travel agent Susan Dushane's comment comparing a lost ticket to a lost dress, here's something for her to chew on: When you purchase a dress in a department store, you have received the merchandise. Even if you lose the dress, you did have the dress in your hot little hands. However, when you purchase a plane ticket, you have not received anything but a piece of paper and a promise; the transaction is not complete until you board the plane and take the trip.




My wife's purse was stolen last year in Spain; we had a police report. It took the Delta agent three minutes to issue two new tickets. As the article pointed out, it is virtually impossible for anyone else to use stolen tickets in Europe. It is bad enough to be robbed while vacationing, it is unconscionable for airlines to add to the grief.


Santa Monica

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