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Dishing D.C.'s Dirt

June 03, 1996|PAMM HIGGINS

Is Bill Thomas' "Capital Confidential" (Pocket Books), which professes to chronicle 100 years of "sex, scandal and secrets" in Washington, D.C., as juicy as the title suggests?

A sampling of sound bites from the paperback, arranged here in quiz form, might help would-be readers decide. Match the quote to the name:

1) "God! . . . God, Nan! . . . Oh, Dearie, tell me it isn't hateful to you to have me kiss you."

2) "Well, did you do any fornicating this weekend?"

3) "Spread it around that I am sexy."

4) "I can't even answer the phone."

5) "At no point was there any physical contact between myself and Congressman [Gerry] Studds, his lover, or Sen. [Jesse) Helms, for that matter."

6) "I dare Hillary to bare her butt in any magazine. They don't have a page that broad."

7) "I . . . God, feel such super love for you."

a) Richard Nixon

b) Rep. Don Riegle

c) Henry "Power Is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac" Kissinger

d) Warren G. Harding

e) Gennifer Flowers

f) Elizabeth Ray

g) Rep. Barney Frank

Bonus question (this tidbit doesn't rate as a scandal so it must be a secret): What was Richard Nixon's final meal in the White House?


1) d (to a woman not his wife)

2) a

3) c

4) f

5) g

6) e

7) b (to a woman not his wife)

Bonus Answer: Pineapple slices, cottage cheese and a glass of milk.

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