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Generation X

June 09, 1996|Steve Hochman

The band X is now officially ex. The leader of L.A.'s late-'70s/early-'80s punk scene has split after a 19-year run that ranks the group with the Byrds, the Doors, the Eagles and Los Lobos as quintessential Angeleno rockers.

"X is no more and not getting back together and not on a hiatus so we can do solo projects," says singer Exene Cervenkova (formerly Cervenka) "It's done. We had such a bond, but the band had evolved too far away from its punk roots for me."

Says co-founder John Doe, "It's sad and somewhat strange, having been a part of our lives for 19 years. It's given me a lot of joy and satisfaction. The main reason for me [to end it] is that I have other things to do besides X--not necessarily better, but different."

Among Doe's other plans are to continue his acting career (he was in "Georgia" last year) and record a second album with his solo-project band the John Doe Thing. Cervenkova and X drummer D.J. Bonebrake are still working together, forming a new punk-oriented band called Auntie Christ that will debut this summer. Guitarist Tony Gilkyson is recording demos and playing L.A. clubs with his new band--a blend of honky-tonk, rock and other elements--and will be shopping for a record deal.

True to the band's familial spirit, Cervenkova and Doe--who were married in the early '80s and later divorced--spoke of each other with great affection.

"I think the reason X lasted so long is I couldn't bear the thought of looking over and not seeing John singing 'White Girl,' " says Cervenkova.

"I will always sing with Exene," Doe says. "It won't be in X, but we've always been the closest of friends. That can't be confused by the [stuff] we've gone through."

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