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More Help Needed For the Disabled

June 09, 1996

If you think that the hotels, restaurants, parks, and other public facilities located in Orange County accommodate everyone, think again.

It has been a great concern to me, knowing that those with disabilities have not totally been taken into consideration. Even though it may seem as though local stores have parking spaces for the handicapped, as well as a few ramps on the sidewalks, there are other accommodations that are often not provided for the disabled.

Recently at a local supermarket, I witnessed an individual in a wheelchair unable to reach the numbers on the public telephone. Amazed by the lack of consideration and planning by the architects for the disabled, my awareness and concern grew.

Would it be that difficult to lower the telephone mounting? How could the Department of Building and Safety allow this to slip past them? When will it be realized that we do not all have the same abilities and capabilities?

I believe that certain rights should be given to all citizens and that everyone should be accommodated regardless of their abilities.

I suggest that we all increase our awareness and begin to act on implementing improvements in accommodating the disabled. We should encourage new legislation, write letters to our representatives, and be sure to take a closer look.



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