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Massage Therapists

June 09, 1996|Sue McAllister

rub n. massage

bed n . massage table

standing n. client with regular appointment. ant. new. "Can you lend me your bed ? I've a got rub with a standing at 3 o'clock and a new in Century City at 4."

diaper v. to drape a client with a sheet.

Joyce n. rude, obnoxious client. rel. yapper n. client who talks throughout massage.

cruise control n. massaging an attractive client.

cardigan n. client with abundant body hair. syn. woolly.

lawnmower n. client who snores.

boulders n. lumps under the trapezius muscle. rel. golf balls n. muscular lumps under the shoulder blades; pebbles n. lactic acid buildup under the scapula.

oil slick n. result of using too much massage oil or lotion.

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