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City Council to Decide Fate of Troubled Club


If the City Council does as expected today, there soon will be no more drinking and dancing at the Stargate nightclub.

Council members will consider upholding a unanimous decision by the Planning Commission to yank the troubled club's permits.

Lawyers for the Stargate's owners appealed the commission's decision to the City Council, saying they had not had a chance to defend the club against police complaints of out-of-control violence.

Police contend that the Stargate--one of the only nightclubs in Thousand Oaks--has become an uncontrollable hotbed of gang fights and other violence.

But Stargate management argues that police have exaggerated the problems, saying the establishment suffers no more incidents than any other nightclub.

Today's council hearing on the Stargate will be a departure from the norm, taking on more of a court-like format due to the permit matter at hand. City witnesses, including sheriff's deputies, will be sworn in by the city clerk.

The city staff, which is in essence the prosecutor in the case, will have to prove by a preponderance of evidence that the Stargate is not fit to have the permits. The Stargate management and their attorneys will have to defend themselves against the accusations. And the City Council will have to issue a judgment.

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