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Fan Sitting Near 16th Green Has Two Strikes Against Him

June 15, 1996|Associated Press

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. — If Chuck MacDonald feels good enough to return to the U.S. Open on Sunday, he probably won't sit near the 16th green.

While sitting on a folding stool Friday, MacDonald was hit in the head--twice--by approach shots.

"It's not a good idea to be standing around me," MacDonald said before being taken off in a cart, a blood-stained towel on his head.

First, Steve Lowery's approach shot bounced up and grazed the right side of MacDonald's forehead.

Then a ball hit by Payne Stewart, the leader, hit MacDonald on the top of his head, opening a four-inch gash.

"I was stunned, probably because of the rush of blood," said MacDonald, from nearby Willis, adding that he was dizzy but otherwise fine.

After making his bogey, Stewart gave MacDonald the ball.

"Send me the check if you win," MacDonald said, and Stewart then gave him his glove.

MacDonald has tickets for Sunday's final round, but wasn't sure if he would be back.

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