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Lionel Hampton

June 16, 1996

* Re "Homecoming Vibes," June 10, about Lionel Hampton's special concert at Washington Preparatory High School:

How does one describe this virtuoso? You don't. You listen, feel and listen some more.

Will there be other Lionel Hamptons? I believe and hope so.

While the audience watched and listened with indescribable delight, there was dedication pouring out for those performing students. This is the way it was during Hampton's earlier years and this is the way it should be today and can be again in our future.

If the bureaucratic quagmire in our school systems can be flushed away and allow our students, teachers and parents to begin again and play catch-up, then these performers will be delivered to us for enjoyment as Lloyd Rucker did in arranging for Hampton's visit.

One thought kept repeating in my brain during this show, put in simple words, "Respect and appreciation have no boundaries."

Thank you, Mr. Hampton; you have the respect and appreciation of so many.


San Gabriel

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