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High Rollers

June 16, 1996

There are more than 500 rollercoasters in the world, and 50 more are scheduled to open this year. Here's a sampling of the new ones:



1. Location--Athol, Idaho

Park--Silverwood Theme Park

Name of Ride--The Grizzly

2. Location--Las Vegas, Nev.

Park--New York, New York Hotel and Casino

Name of Ride--Big Apple 3. Location--Portland, Ore.

Park--Oaks Park

Name of Ride--no name

4. Location--San Antonio, Texas

Park--Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Name of Ride--Joker's Revenge

5. Location--Sandusky, Ohio

Park--Cedar Point

Name of Ride--Mantis

6. Location--Tampa, Fla.

Park--Busch Gardens

Name of Ride--Montu



1. Location--Cairo, Egypt

Park--Cairoland Name of Ride--no name

2. Location--Chertsey, England

Park--Thorpe Park Name of Ride--No Way Out

3. Location--Gold Coast, Australia

Park--Warner Bros. Movie World

Name of Ride--Lethal Weapon

4. Location--Goteborg, Sweden

Park--Liseberg Park

Name of Ride--Hangover

5. Location--Guangzhou, China

Park--America Dream Park

Name of Ride--no name

6. Location--Hong Kong

Park--Ocean Park

Name of Ride--Mind Train

7. Location--Kuwait City, Kuwait

Park--Al Shaab Gardens

Name of Ride--no name

8. Location--Kuwana, Japan

Park--Nagashima Spa Land

Name of Ride--Wild Moose

9. Location--Osaka, Japan


Name of Ride--no name

10. Location--Paris

Park-- Euro Disney

Name of Ride--Gidget's Go Coaster

11. Location--Pembrokeshire, Wales

Park--Oakwood Park

Name of Ride--Megafobia

12. Location--Plailly, France

Park--Parc Asterix

Name of Ride--no name

* Source: International Assn. of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

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