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Expenses Rise for Business Travelers

June 18, 1996|Marla Dickerson

Biloxi's a deal, the Big Apple's unreal.

Those are some of the findings of the 1996 Corporate Travel Index, an annual survey of business travel costs put together by Business Travel News. The index forecasts hospitality costs of the nation's 100 top business travel cities.

New York topped the 1996 list of the most expensive domestic destinations. Business travelers to New York can expect to drop $357.72 a day for lodging, meals and a decent-sized rental car this year, up 9.1% from 1995. Washington was close behind at $309.83 a day, followed by Boston ($266.42), Chicago ($260.51) and Philadelphia ($252.02).

The index cited San Francisco as the priciest West Coast city and the sixth-most expensive overall. Business travelers can expect to leave their wallets as well as their hearts, to the tune of $248.50 a day in 1996.

Los Angeles ranked 11th at $226.20 a day, making 44th ranked Anaheim look like a bargain at $191.47. But truly budget-minded business types should head to Biloxi, Miss., where a bed, three squares and set of wheels can be had for $144.21 a day.

On average, the survey projected business travelers will pay $193.13 a day for lodging, meals and an intermediate-size rental car in 1996, $12.45 more than last year.

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