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A Keyboard That Knows When to Split


Check out the new SENS 810 Multimedia Notebook. It's the first portable PC with an adjustable, ergonomic keyboard that won't cramp your style.

You can spread out the split keyboard to your personal comfort zone and type more naturally on the board's full-size keys. SENS 810 is manufactured with 11.3- or 12.1-inch diagonal color screens.

The notebook also has many other bells and whistles, and offers up to five hours of primary battery life. And with an optional second battery pack you get five more for a total of 10 uninterrupted hours of portable computing time.

Prices for the SENS 810 depend on how fast the processor is and the size of the hard drive. They range from $2,999 to $4,999. To purchase, call Samsung at (800) 656-3028; for a retail outlet near you, call (800) 933-4110.


Chameleon T-Shirts: When can a T-shirt change its spots? When it's the new SunWorks shirt with sun-activated color. The designs are black and white indoors, but turn to brilliant colors outdoors.

Imagine a black and white bear that turns purple out in the sun, then back to black and white when its wearer goes inside. Or a field of white daisies that suddenly blooms yellow and pink. Or a white bird that magically appears blue and soars against a golden sun.

The multi-design, cotton shirts come in adult and children's sizes.

SunWorks reps say the designs are colorfast for the life of the garment and can be machine washed and dried.

SunWorks shirts ($14.99 to $19.99) are sold at JCPenney stores. For additional stores, call SunWorks at (800) 223-5240.


For Allergy Sufferers: Air Kontrol's Air Medic Plus Super Size is the biggest adjustable electrostatic air filter that is also specially treated to combat allergies in the home. Plus, it is washable rather than disposable.

At 25-by-30 inches, Air Medic Plus Super Size fits almost any central home air-handling system requiring a 1-inch filter. All you need is a pair of heavy duty scissors and a screwdriver.

To help allergy sufferers, the filter ($40 to $45) also is treated with an antimicrobe / antibacteria coating. You can buy it at Home Depot, Builders Square and Ace Hardware.

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