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Atlanta 1996 Olympics

The Countdown: 26 Days to the Games : GOING TO THE GAMES

June 23, 1996

Tickets to the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games went on sale last year during a nationwide mail-order sales campaign. But there are still plenty available for sale over the telephone and from the Olympic Website on the Internet.


Tickets for sale: 11 million tickets to 542 sport sessions

Foreign sales: An additional 1 million tickets sold to foreign olympic committees for distribution in their countries

Ticket sales as of

Wednesday: 8 million

Average price: $39.72

Sales projections: Atlanta organizers expect to sell 75% of the 11 million tickets to generate revenue of approximately $422 million

* Limits: Opening and closing ceremonies limited to two tickets per customer. Extremely popular sessions such as basketball and gymnastics finals are limited to four per customer.

Historical perspective: At the 1984 games in Los Angeles, 6.9 million tickets to 369 sport sessions were available; 5.7 million, or 83% of the tickets were sold, generating $151 million. The average ticket price was $17. Least expensive ticket was $3 for soccer. Opening and closing ceremonies ticket prices ranged from $50 to $200.

Atlanta Tickets

Most expensive

Opening & closing ceremonies: $212-$636

Track & Field: $22-$265

Gymnastics: $25-$265

Swimming: $27-$159

Boxing: $27-$186

Least expensive

Cycling road race: Free

Gymnastics practice sessions: $11-$22

Baseball: $7-$64

Rowing: $11-$32

Mountain bike racing: $16

Hot Tickets

During the mail-order phase of ticket sales, opening ceremonies and gymnastics headed the list of the most requested sessions:

1. Opening Ceremonies, July 19

2. Gymnastics, July 25

(women's individual all-around final)

3. Gymnastics, July 29

(men's and women's individual event finals)

4. Gymnastics, July 23

(women's team optionals and finals)

5. Diving, July 26

(women's platform preliminaries

6. Gymnastics, July 21

(women's team compulsory)

7. Basketball, Aug. 3

(men's final)

8. Gymnastics, July 28

(men's and women's individual event finals)

9. Baseball, Aug. 2


10. Diving, Aug. 1

(men's platform preliminaries)

Special Treatment

Olympic suites: Luxury suites are available at six olympic venues. At the Olympic Stadium, prices range from $544,500 for opening and closing ceremonies and all track and field events to $39,600 for a single day of track and field.

Season ticket: Guarantees a seat at every session of a particular sport. Price range: $96 for synchronized swimming to $2,509 for regular swimming. (Sold out)

Olympic Spirit Package: 18-24 tickets to selected sessions, $22,500

Olympic Patron Package: Four tickets to each day's most popular events, $50,000


Atlanta's U.S. ticket distribution game plan:


May 1-Dec.1: Mail-order phase. Catalogs and order forms available nationwide at Coca-Cola grocery store displays and Home Depot Stores. Orders postmarked by June 30 specially processed by FAIR TIX, a custom ticket processing system that awards tickets to oversubscribed sessions on a random selection basis.

Sept. 22: First ticket confirmation notices mailed.


February: Remaining tickets available for purchase over the telephone.

March: Tickets go on sale over the Internet from Atlanta Olympic Website.

May: First round of tickets delivered to purchasers via UPS.

June 8: Olympic ticket box offices open in and around Atlanta.

July 19: Games open, remaining tickets will be sold at box offices, over the phone and on the Internet throughout the Games.

How to Purchase Tickets

Telephone: (404) 744-1996

Hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

Internet: Ticket availability information updated daily. Purchasers receive confirmation notices within 24 hours by e-mail.


Hours: 24-hour access

The Cost of a Day

What a family of four would spend, based on purchase of lowest-priced tickets to preliminary sessions of two popular sports:


4 Gymnastics: $108

4 Boxing: 108


4 cheeseburgers: $19

4 large soft drinks: $12


4 ice cream bars: $8

4 nachos: $12


2 T-shirts: $36

2 caps: $30

4 Olympic pins: $20

Total: $353

Source: Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, U.S. Olympic Committee; Researched by JANICE L. JONES / Los Angeles Times

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