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The Top 10 / Doing Their Home Work

June 24, 1996

Many of the most popular home- based businesses require advanced technology both to run efficiently and to compete with larger corporations. A look at the top 10 home- based businesses and the top 10 reasons people start their own businesses:

Top 10 home-based businesses:

1. Business consulting and services.

2. Computer services and programming.

3. Financial consulting and services.

4. Marketing and advertising.

5. Medical practice and services.

6. Graphics and visual arts.

7. Public relations and publicity.

8. Real estate.

9. Writing.

10. Independent sales.


Top 10 reasons for starting a home-based business:

1. I wanted to be my own boss.

2. I wanted less routine in my life.

3. I wanted more interesting work.

4. I wanted to change my life.

5. I disliked the corporate world.

6. I wanted more family time.

7. I wanted to make more money.

8. I had a great idea.

9. I'd gone as far as I could in my job.

10. I lost my job.

Sources: Home Office Computing magazine, Link Resources. Researched by JENNIFER OLDHAM / Los Angeles Times

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