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Turn a Temp Job Into a Permanent One

June 24, 1996|PAT PRINCE ROSE

* Be professional. Don't think of yourself as "just a temp." Act like a full-time professional.

* Fit in. Figure out what the office etiquette is and adapt to it immediately.

* Be enthusiastic. "Exhibit a team player, can-do attitude," says Lynn Taylor, a vice president at Robert Half International. "Show enthusiasm and accept additional responsibilities. Let them know what your various skills are. Ask for input on your performance."

* Be flexible. "If you're asked to do something slightly different from what you were told you were brought in to do, do it," says Taylor.

* Learn everything you can. Seize the chance to learn new skills and gather information about the job you want.

* Network. Take advantage of opportunities to make contacts and cultivate relationships that could lead to a full-time job.

* Be discreet. Avoid office politics and gossip.

* Share your goal. Let your desire for a full-time job be known but don't push it.

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