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Howt to Age-Proof Your Job Hunt

June 24, 1996|The Associated Press

Here are a few tips for older people who are joining the work force for the first time, looking for a new job or returning to the job market after time out to raise a family or go back to school:

* Make your resume timeless. Leave out date of birth or the year of graduation from college and list only work experiences from the past 15 to 20 years.

* Emphasize current skills. Let your prospective employer know you can operate a personal computer or any other high-tech equipment.

* Learn new skills. If you lack technological know-how or career-specific skills, enroll in courses to bring you up to speed.

* Accentuate accomplishments. List any noteworthy achievements that distinguish you from others in your field, like how you saved a former employer money or greatly increased its work force productivity.

* Note life experiences. List any volunteer or community work that illustrates teamwork or leadership skills should be listed if you're returning to the work force after a long absence.

* Create a professional appearance. Invest in a new outfit for interviews. (Leave the leisure suits or bow-tied blouses in storage where they belong.)

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