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The Food Must Carry Better at Coors Field

June 26, 1996|MAL FLORENCE

Jayson Stark of the Philadelphia Inquirer on a recent game delayed by rain for 3 hours 51 minutes involving the Phillies and Colorado Rockies at Denver:

"[Curt] Schilling said that his [Philadelphia] teammates had wolfed down a bunch of pizzas in about 12 seconds, but that he had been only a minor participant in this four-hour eat-a-thon.

" 'I wasn't that hungry,' he said. " 'I think it was the thin air. The food carries better in Denver.' "

Trivia time: What is Stephon Marbury's middle name?

Get him a map: Peter May in the Boston Globe writes that the Clippers need a new arena, "but already have decided they'd rather stay in the state-of-the-drivel Sports Arena in Watts than move to the state-of-the-art Pond in Anaheim."

May needs a Thomas Guide. Watts is 50 blocks south of the Sports Arena and several miles east.

Midwest bias: Paul Sullivan in the Chicago Tribune: "In a seemingly futile attempt to find a baseball pulse in Orange County, Walt Disney Co. has succeeded in turning Angels games into Super Bowl halftime shows, with nonstop, squeaky clean entertainment for F.W.A.S. (Fans Without Attention Spans)."

Showtime: Linda Robertson of the Miami Herald suggests a way to jazz up track meets: "Alligators in the long jump pit, flaming high jump bars, quicksand in the steeplechase."

Mr. Clank: Dennis Scott, who made three of 19 three-point attempts for the Orlando Magic in the four-game sweep by the Chicago Bulls:

"I understand this is a business. You're only as good as your last shot . . . and mine wasn't very good."

Barking baritone: Bob McManaman in the Arizona Republic: "Nobody asked, but why would Major League Baseball pick actor Kelsey Grammer, star of the NBC comedy "Frasier," to sing the national anthem at next month's All-Star game in Philadelphia?

"What, was Eddie the dog already booked?"

Poverty plea: It has been reported that New York Yankee relief pitcher John Wetteland said he would play for peanuts if he could return to Montreal.

"I wonder if we have enough peanuts," said Montreal Manager Felipe Alou, well aware that the Expos have baseball's lowest payroll.

Bang-up celebration: According to David Wallechinsky's "Book of the Olympics," Italy's Luciano Giovannetti celebrated his gold medal in trap shooting at the 1980 Olympic Games by tossing his cap into the air and shooting a hole through it.

A dizzying dummy: Dizzy Dean, Hall of Fame pitcher, once said: "I never tried to outsmart nobody, it was easier to outdummy them."

Looking back: On this day in 1976, shortstop Toby Harrah played an entire doubleheader for the Texas Rangers without handling a batted ball from the Chicago White Sox."

Trivia answer: Xzavior.

And finally: Peter Gammons in the Boston Globe: "Steve Carlton will be the spokesman for the Fan-Fest at the All-Star game in Philadelphia. 'What better spokesman. . .' began the PR release.

"Well, for one thing, Carlton didn't speak during his playing days. . . . Oh well, in 2007, if the game's in Cleveland, perhaps Albert Belle will be the spokesman."

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