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The Rewards of a Dream

July 10, 1996

What a great Father's Day gift Connie Koenenn's article was ("Marshaling His Forces for the Future," June 16). Having done a couple of thousand interviews in my life, she is the first writer to get all the facts right, and with empathy, too.

Knowing that I don't get paid for the hours I put in to my HOBY (Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation) dream, people often ask "What is your reward?" Are they kidding? I receive about 25,000 letters a year from my "HOBY family," and you couldn't give this "big daddy" a million bucks for one of them.


Los Angeles


My HOBY experience was truly unforgettable. It transformed me from a shy and insecure milquetoast into an assertive speaker and effective leader. I gained confidence, poise, and many new friends. Being greeted by "You are special" was surprising and heart-warming. I never thought I was special. I considered myself the most mediocre of the mediocre. I had never thought of myself as a leader either, I was more of a follower and contributor. I found that everyone has potential to be a leader. I was constantly reassured, greeted with smiles by my fellow ambassadors, and left filled with the "HOBY spirit."

Thanks for everything, Hugh.


Torrance High ambassador


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