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No More Practical Conservatives

July 11, 1996

Re "Gale-Force Phyllis" (July 2): What an appalling person. Phyllis Schlafly's choice of a job as a student was testing machine guns. She actually fights against equal rights. Her whole life has been hellbent on deconstruction, attack and the denial of other people's rights.

What a wretched existence, so typical of latter-day right-wingers. Gone are the practical conservatives of yesteryear. Now Republicans are self-righteous destroyers.

Interestingly, the nearest person to the fair-minded conservatives of long ago is the current president.


Manhattan Beach


So Phyllis Schlafly has recently taken up spearheading a literacy campaign and speaking out against homosexuality even though she has an openly gay son. That sounds consistent with her career of attacking women for wanting careers.


Los Angeles

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