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July 13, 1996|Cyndi Y. Nightengale

Chair Lifts

Raise your seating to new heights with suspension seating.

Pivotal Suspension Seating Inc. of Salt Lake City offers a new look in seating by lifting chairs off the floor and connecting them to a bar, table, desk or kitchen island, keeping flooring such as tiles intact.

The suspension seating system automatically returns the chair to its closed position when unoccupied. Forward and reverse stops allow the chair to come to rest without hitting the counter edge.

The chairs have been stress-tested to hold more than 500 pounds, and the system frame can be used with Formica, tile, marble and other solid surface materials. Pivotal Suspension Seating has plans for up to eight chairs on a system.

Kitchen and bar areas aren't the only spots for suspension seating; a vanity in the bathroom, home and office computer desks, pool areas and children's rooms benefit as well.

Nearly any chair can be used, including ones you already own, provided you can remove the legs. The company offers several styles and colors, or you can design your own.

The system is shipped pre-assembled, and it takes about two hours to put together a four-chair system. Costs vary, but on average, it's about $250 to $300 per chair.

For information or to order, (800) 678-7328.

Triple Treat

The Tri-Lite flashlight by Solar Wide gives you three uses in one small package.

In addition to being a rechargeable flashlight, the Tri-Lite is also a night light and a power fail/emergency light.

It plugs into a standard wall outlet with a retractable AC plug. At night it emits a soft green glow that is bright enough to light your way but not bright enough to disturb sleep. Should the power fail, the flashlight begins blinking, making it easy to get around in the dark.

The Tri-Lite (about $30), which is 8 inches long and weighs 8 ounces, is fully charged in 48 hours; it's capable of one hour of continuous light and three hours of blinking.

For the nearest store, call (800) 765-5090.

Suit Yourself

There's nothing worse than lugging around heavy baggage, except maybe storing cumbersome suitcases in a closet, attic or garage.

To ease your burden, Evetti Inc. of Irvine has created a pullable, full-size garment bag that has four sturdy wheels and an A-shape design that, when folded, is only 23 inches long, 23 inches high and 9 inches wide.

The wheels make the bag easy to maneuver through airports--and Grandma's kitchen--and the shape keeps it from tipping over.

To lock in the A-shape, all it takes is the touch of a button. The bag ($229), in black only, is available by calling (800) 438-3884.

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