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Twinkling Backsides, Crinkling Cellophane

July 14, 1996

Muchas gracias to the magazine and Louis Perez for the memories in "July, East L.A." ("Summer Memories," So SoCal, June 2).

I could taste the sandia, picture my twin brother flying down to the City Terrace Park Plunge on his Stingray bike and recall waiting for the Helms Bakery "truck guy" to drive down our street, just to hear the rustle of the cellophane when he pulled a doughnut or cream puff out of one of the many long pastry drawers in his truck.

Si, que vida it was.

Rachel Beserra



In "Hurry, Sundown," Carolyn See wrote nostalgically about the darling guys with "faded Levi's clinging to their twinkling little butts."

I wonder why the backsides of Victorville boys twinkled. That didn't happen in Westchester, where I grew up.

Susan Ryono


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