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Culture, Civilization And 'Lesbianism Made Easy'

July 28, 1996

Regarding your June 30 review of "Lesbianism Made Easy":

As per usual I admire your high standards. Your sense of values. Your high level of culture and civilization.

Now, where are the reviews of books of historical consequence? Books of value? Books from which people may actually learn something?

An instruction book on how to become a lesbian is no doubt a valuable learning experience.

We should at once see to it that it becomes part of Los Angeles-area school districts' "must reading" programs. As a matter of fact, it can replace the entire sex education literature. As well as all history books. After all, "lesbianism" . . . the island of Lesbos . . . there's a connection to ancient Greek civilization.

Just think of all the money we'll save, not to mention the pesky little detail of getting our dear little ones to read.



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