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Another Arnold's Army

July 28, 1996

It's about time that someone interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger and dealt with more than his bulging muscles ("If Arnold Could Only Fly," by Patrick Goldstein, June 16). America needs a hero like Arnie, one who's motivated by success and can think for himself.

If Bob Dole believes that Schwarzenegger's movies are robbing our young of their motivation, he's missing the point. Goldstein reveals Arnold as a family man, as someone who remains true to his beliefs, whether or not they're "hip," and is a leader both on and off the screen.

Susan E. Kudlick

Redondo Beach


Bob Dole is not wrong on the issue of movie violence and social ills. Washington and Hollywood are pretty much guilt partners in the rise of movie- and TV-induced violence and lawlessness. Schwarzenegger's attitude on this matter is a typical Hollywood reaction to its contributions to the problem.

Arnold in particular--and the film industry in general--needs to make an effort to create movies with blood and gore at a minimum, if not absent entirely--even if it means taking a pay cut.

Claudia Navarro

Los Angeles

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