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How Ironic to See the Affluent Schuller Beg

July 28, 1996

I find it ironic that on the same Sunday ("Following the Father," July 7) in which Robert A. Schuller was profiled as "a product of affluence" that his father, the source of that affluence, was begging for money on his weekly televised church service from the Crystal Cathedral.

In the article, Robert H. Schuller brags about his three "very smart, very careful and very wise" billionaire friends and on the same day solicits funds to keep his ministry on the air--the same ministry that keeps his five children and their spouses on its payroll and supports his rags-to-riches lifestyle.

I wonder if his billionaire friends are aware that there is no box office at the pearly gates.


Santa Ana


The Rev. Robert A. Schuller lacks his father's irreverent courage. When asked about his epitaph, rather than stumbling after "Dad's" inscription, he should have reiterated his own words regarding Mexico: "Been there, done that!"


Huntington Beach

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