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L.A. Band Was Onstage

July 28, 1996

Jack Mack and the Heart Attack, a Los Angeles area rock 'n' roll band, was the group playing when the bomb went off at Centennial Olympic Park. None of the band members was injured, according to a spokesman for AT&T, which sponsored the nightly concerts on the giant "Global Village" stage. The bomb exploded near the base of the stage.

The Bomb Robot

Authorities were using a bomb robot to check out suspicious objects in Atlanta on Saturday. The robot is controlled by computer from a nearby squad truck.

Some background:

* Mobility:

Robot can maneuver on slopes to 45 degrees over a variety of terrain, climb stairs and clear obstacles up to 24 inches high.

* Color camera:

Used to view the device. Monitor in squad truck allows technicians to view what robot films.

* Black-and-white camera:

On arm, has wide-angle lens and can be titled remotely.

* Electronic arm:

Extends to 66 inches and reaches 104 inches above the ground. Arm has gripper claw.

Tracing Gunpowder

* The use of "taggants," small plastic particles that can be placed in manufactured explosives to trace their origin, might have helped investigators trace the pipe bomb. Anti-terrorism legislation has called for tighter controls over the nation's supply of explosives and materials used to make homemade bombs. A recent crime bill included this provision, but it was removed after objections from the National Rifle Association.

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