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Aftermath of TWA Flight 800

July 28, 1996

* It seems silly for the Navy to have to search for the black boxes from an airplane crash. It would be straightforward to have every flight broadcast all the information, continuously, to a satellite for use if needed. That would obviate the need for black boxes and save lots of money. We have a vast array of satellites available, and could easily add more.


Huntington Beach

* United Airlines has decided to beef up security before learning what actually happened to Flight 800 (editorial, July 25). Passengers will end up waiting longer and paying more for what will add up to nothing more than psychological reassurance.

However, what if a bomb was used and it was planted on the jet in Greece or elsewhere by an airport employee or someone who gained access to the airfield? Maybe United should initiate a genuine security plan and spend their time and money on inspecting planes that return from overseas.


North Hollywood

* My heavy heart goes out to the small town of Montoursville, Pa.

I strongly urge our extended community to pull together and develop a memorial to those beautiful young people lost. Montoursville is not a wealthy community. Moderate corporate donations could be used to finance a memorial or offer school supplies, better athletic facilities and scholarships.


Chino Hills

* Your placement of Shaquille O'Neal's $120-million contract announcement next to the TWA crash coverage (July 19) was appalling to me. It left the impression that there was a lack of priority, thereby considering the two on the same level. I found this to be insensitive to the grief-stricken families and all who mourn.


Los Angeles

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