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ATLANTA 1996 OLYMPICS | Spotlight

Food For Thought

A look at the day that was and at what lies ahead at the Summer Games

August 01, 1996|MIKE DOWNEY

Today's gluttony medals go to Olympic trenchermen:

--Mark Henry, U.S. weightlifter, 6-3, 414 pounds. Once ate most of a 50-ounce steak, but stopped because: "My face got tired." Eats four meals per day, plus one gallon of water per day. You know, as a chaser.

--Matt Ghaffari, U.S. Greco-Roman wrestler, 6-4, 287 pounds. At an Atlanta restaurant called Chops, he ate a nine-pound lobster, followed by a 48-ounce T-bone. You know, as a chaser.

No comment from Ethiopia's athletes.

In her biography--yes, she has a biography--gymnast Dominique Moceanu, 4 feet 5, 70 pounds and age 14, lists her favorite foods: "Steak, chicken breasts, Mom's Romanian specialties, feta cheese, spinach."

And her least favorites:

"Onions, garlic, mushrooms, liver, squid. Yuck to all of them."

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