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Enrollment Still Open at Cleveland High

August 03, 1996|DARRELL SATZMAN

Cleveland High School, a LEARN campus, will continue to accept open enrollment applications until Sept. 4 for the upcoming school year.

"We want parents to know that we are open and available to them," said Cleveland Assistant Principal Allan J. Weiner. "We're going to try to accommodate as many families as we can."

Weiner said Cleveland, with space for 2,000 students, still has room for 200 more. While many schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District have switched to year-round class schedules, Cleveland remains on a traditional school calendar.

"We want to accommodate those students who do not want to attend a year-round school or those students who want to prepare themselves for entrance to a post-secondary institution by participating in a quality writing-based curriculum," Weiner said.

The school district's "open permit" policy allows students living anywhere within the district's boundaries to apply to schools that have extra space.

The LEARN program, now in almost 40% of the district's 858 schools and centers, seeks to decentralize control of campuses by turning over key decisions to a panel of parents, staff and teachers.

The program has been the target of critics who argue that it emphasizes campus governance at the expense of classroom improvements. However, a report released by LAUSD in June indicated that students at LEARN elementary schools scored higher on standardized tests than students at other district schools.

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