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. . . And Here's a Little Inside Information

August 04, 1996|Heidi Siegmund Cuda

Don't bother checking information for the number to such Silver Lake hot spots as Spaceland, Sucker or Dragstrip 66. None are listed, because the clubs are "concepts" that promoters can--and often do--relocate in a flash from one established club or restaurant to another.

But we'll make it easy. Here's your underground handbook:

Spaceland at Dreams, 1717 Silver Lake Blvd. Shows Mondays to Saturdays. Ages 21 and over; cover varies. Spaceland information, (213) 413-4442; Dreams, (213) 661-4380.

Don't worry if you don't recognize the band names on the marquee. The emphasis is on new or developing bands--and they're mostly good. Spaceland is also sponsoring a free summer festival of local music from Aug. 20 to 31 adjacent to the Silver Lake Recreation Center. (On Sundays, the venue reverts back to Dreams and becomes a "Latina lesbian dance club." In September, Spaceland UK is scheduled to open at the Ukranian Cultural Center, on Melrose just west of Vermont.)

Sucker at the Garage club, 4519 Santa Monica Blvd. Sundays. Ages 21 and over; $3 cover. (213) 683-3447.

This year-old venue plays host to live and deejayed music nightly, from salsa to rare groove. But the real deal is Sucker, a punk-rock beer bust that features local and national bands Sundays from 4 to 8 p.m.

Pan at the Faultline club, 4216 Melrose Ave. First and last Thursday of the month, with occasional all-day Saturday shows. Ages 21 and over; cover varies. Pan info, (213) 662-LOVE; Faultline, (213) 660-0889.

Promoter Mitchell Frank founded Pan with partner Nancy Whalen before he moved on to Spaceland. Whalen recently revived Pan at this gay leather bar, just west of Vermont Avenue, and it's a treat to see many of the Silver Lake artists perform here.

You've Got Bad Taste, 3816 Sunset Blvd. Weekends. All ages; no cover. (213) 669-1718.

Although Bad Taste is a retail store, selling relics from the "lost generation," owners John Roecker and Exene Cervenkova clear a room out for weekend shows with an all-comer attitude. "Any bands who want to play here can," Roecker says. "Our doors our open."

Dragstrip 66 at Rudolpho's club, 2500 Riverside Drive. Second Saturday of each month. Ages 21 and over; $15 cover, less for those in drag. Dragstrip information, (213) 969-2596; Rudolpho's, (213) 662-4021.

This ultimate dance party is the granddaddy of the scene, complete with 7-foot drag queens rockin' out to contemporary punk and rock. Hosts Paul V. and Mr. Dan create a costume theme each month; July's was "Olympic Flamers," while this Saturday's will be "Girls in Prison."

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