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Will the Real Satan Please Stand Up?

August 04, 1996

Doug Adrianson's comment that "Golf is a tool of Satan" ("Water-Hogging, Family-Busting and Other Golf Crimes," July 23), makes me practically positive that he must be a tool of Satan.

Three of his points relate to his obvious obsession with social elitism. I guess he's never heard of public golf courses or the fact that one doesn't have to belong to any golf club to enjoy a game of golf.

As to his point about wasting water, golf courses are not "water hogs." They are quiet green oases in the center of industry concrete, glass and steel. Water hogs are the millions of people who wash their cars each week on their concrete driveways.

As to his point about stealing time from the family, people need to relax away the stress of their workweek. They would steal a lot more time as couch potatoes watching TV than playing golf.

Finally, where, Mr. Adrianson, do you get the idea that golf is a man's game? Talk about a sexist comment--"Keep hubbies out from under foot." You are one uncool dude.




Re "Golf Crimes": Well done. An absolutely delightful piece that entertains and informs. I hope all club wielding golfers took the time to read and reflect on the game's in herent social and environmental toll.



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