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The Dream Team: Love It or Leave It

August 04, 1996

Those who call for an end to the Dream Team in the name of "competitive" games fail to acknowledge that with the number of teenagers now joining the pro basketball ranks, an Olympic squad comprising amateurs would be a joke. Imagine a squad of second-rate college sophomores and freshmen (and high school seniors) trying to keep up with men 10 or 15 years older in international competition. The U.S. would be fortunate to advance to the medal round. While this might adhere to a so-called "spirit of the Games" philosophy, is this an accurate representation of the American level of play?


Studio City


In what must be the greatest display of athletic greatness and genuine sportsmanship, the Centennial Games have exceeded all expectations. But the Dream Team has been in sharp contrast to that purity and spirit. Are we all not completely bored by their antics, attitudes and general display of self-absorbed arrogance?

Inasmuch as we could select any 12 professionals from the NBA and probably come away with the gold medal, why don't we make our selections based on higher standards, such as character and human decency?



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