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Timeline: The Kid From Kansas

Dole: Carved From Kansas Bedrock. First of two parts

August 08, 1996

July 22, 1923: Born in small Kansas town of Russell, the second oldest of four children in family. His dad, Doran, manages local milk and egg station during much of Dole's boyhood; his mom, Bina, keeps an immaculate house and sells sewing machines on the side.

1935: Takes after-school job at Dawson's drug store on Main Street; during his years here decides he wants to be a doctor.

1937-41: Excels academically and athletically in high school.

1941: Enters Kansas University.

December 1942: Joins the Army's Enlisted Reserve Corps, called to active duty a few months later.

1944: Completes Officer Training School, shipped to Italy as second lieutenant.

April, 1945: Wounded in combat; suffered shattered right shoulder, punctured lung and spine injury that left him temporarily paralyzed from neck down.

1945-48: Endures lengthy recovery complicated by periodic infections. With his one shoulder left virtually useless, must learn to eat, dress and write with his left arm.

June, 1948: Marries Phyllis Holden, a physical therapist he met while at a Michigan military hospital.

1950: Elected to lower house of Kansas Legislature.

1952: Receives law degree from Washburn University in Topeka; elected county attorney, serves in that job next eight years.

Oct. 18, 1954: Birth of his only child, daughter Robin.

1960: After winning GOP primary be less than 1,000 votes, elected to U.S. House seat; wins reelection three times.

1968: Elected U.S. senator.

1971: Named chairman of Republican National Committee; serves two years.

January 1972: Divorces first wife.

1974: Survives tough reelection race, in part by criticizing Democraic foe for performing abortions.

December 1975: Marries Elizabeth Hanford, then member of Federal Trade Commission.

1976: Named President Ford's running mate; widely criticized for reference to "Democrat wars" during campaign debate.

1980: Runs for president; drops out early in race.

1981: Named chairman of Senate Finance Committee; helps shepherd huge Reagan tax cut through Congress.

1983: In face of growing deficit, helps engineer large tax increase.

1985: Elected Senate majority leader.

1987: Elected Senate minority leader.

1988: Second presidential bid starts strongly, then fades.

1990: Helps win approval of Bush administration tax increase.

1993: Leads opposition to Clinton administration tax increase.

1995: Elected Senate majority leader.

1996: After wrapping up GOP presidential nomination, resigns Senate seat in June.

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