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Modell Responds to Critics

August 10, 1996|Associated Press

Art Modell says he was taken for granted by the city of Cleveland, so he took his football team to Baltimore.

In an interview on ESPN, he also acknowledged the effect the move had on fans in Cleveland.

"I know what I did in Cleveland," he said.

Some of Modell's comments were broadcast, while the Plain Dealer of Cleveland printed others from a transcript of the interview.

"Fact No. 1: [The city of Cleveland] never made an offer to me until two days after the Baltimore announcement," Modell said.

"Fact No. 2: Had they offered me one-half what they gave [NFL commissioner] Paul Tagliabue and the NFL for the next owner of the Cleveland Browns, I'd still be in Cleveland. They never spoke to me about a new stadium."


Threatened with losing one week's salary, Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver Andre Hastings ended his 23-day holdout and reported to training camp.

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