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Talk Of The Town

August 11, 1996

As a 47-year-old baby boomer who has been a talk-radio junkie since the format was invented in the 1960s, I was really depressed by Judith Michaelson's article cheerleading KFI's John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou ("They're Driven to Entertain," Aug. 4). John & Ken are the "dumb and dumber" of L.A. talk radio and are typical of KFI's talk hosts, who routinely destroy the art of intelligent conversation with their listeners.

KFI's ratings success is undeniable. David Hall, the station's program director, has done a brilliant job of targeting listeners younger than the traditional geriatric talk-radio listener. Maybe that's why I've never heard a caller older than 35 on the station.

If and when Michael Jackson ever leaves KABC, he should take the talk-radio format with him.


La Canada


Michaelson's otherwise informative piece on Kobylt and Chiampou unfortunately failed to specify how the duo excels at generating more heat than light. One way is through their virulent anti-Catholicism.

A discussion of immigration morphs into an attack on the Catholic Church's teaching on birth control; a news item on school discipline gives way to cruel and truly gross generalizations about the integrity of teaching Sisters; the violation of the seal of confession by civil authorities in Oregon launches a verbal assault on the Catholic priesthood for the crimes of some priests.

John & Ken make Marge Schott look like Mother Teresa!


Media Relations Director

Archdiocese of Los Angeles


At last. I get a look at John & Ken--far from the way I visualized them. It seemed more likely for Ken, the sensitive, studious half of the team, to be wearing glasses.

I'm an avid listener, and John & Ken are easily distinguishable. One is crass, the other is class!



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