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August 15, 1996


* Opposes abortion, except in cases of rape, incest or when mother's life is in danger. Opposes federal funding for the procedure in all cases.

* Supports a constitutional amendment to ban abortion.

* Supports legislation, vetoed by President Clinton, to outlaw a type of late-term abortion sometimes called "partial-birth" abortion.

* Says he does not regard opposition to abortion as a litmus test in selecting his judicial appointees.


* Voted for reauthorization of the Ryan White Act, which provides funding for care and support services for people with AIDS or who are infected with HIV.


* Was a leading sponsor of the Americans With Disabilities Act, which prohibits discrimination against the disabled.

* Is a longtime backer of civil rights legislation; played a pivotal role in the passage of the 1982 Voting Rights Act.

* Supported creation of the holiday honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

* In 1995, introduced legislation to end all federal racial and gender preferences, although he has a history of supporting them. He now says he supports steps to remedy proven past discrimination against specific individuals and to recruit minorities and women, but opposes set-asides and other preferences for women and minorities as a group.

* Supports Proposition 209, which would do away with all state set-aside programs, although he has seemed to back away from the measure recently.


* Supported landmark 1996 law limiting appeals by prisoners on death row.

* Has criticized Clinton's judicial appointees for being too indulgent of criminals' rights; promises to appoint conservative federal judges who will be tougher on criminals.

* Supports abolition of parole for violent offenders; believes that teenagers who commit violent crimes should be prosecuted as adults.

* Opposed a 1994 law banning certain assault weapons but has shifted position on how important it is to repeal it.

* Supports establishment of an "instant check" system to make sure people who buy guns don't have criminal records.


* Has historically given priority to reducing the federal budget deficit and claims his new economic proposal would balance the budget by 2002 even while cutting taxes by $548 billion over six years.

* Supports an amendment to the Constitution to require a balanced federal budget.


* Supports elimination of the Department of Education.

* Supports a constitutional amendment to allow voluntary prayer in public schools.

* Opposes Goals 2000, Clinton's education-reform initiative that set up voluntary academic standards for the nation's schools.

* Proposes $5-billion federal-state program of "opportunity scholarships" to help low- and middle-income families send their children to the school of their choice.


* Led unsuccessful fight for a regulatory reform bill that would have required Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies to perform detailed cost-benefit analyses of every new regulation.

* Supports legislation to require the government to compensate property owners if environmental regulation or other government action causes a major loss in property value.


* Opposes American troops serving under U. N. command and has sponsored legislation limiting U.S. participation in U.N. peacekeeping forces.

* Supports expanding NATO to include Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

* Longtime supporter of unilaterally lifting the arms embargo on Bosnia-Herzegovina.

* Has criticized Clinton for being too deferential to Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin on such issues as the war in Chechnya.

* Has called for establishment of a national missile-defense system, which Clinton opposes.


* Opposes states sanctioning same-sex marriage and supports legislation allowing states to deny recognition of same-sex marriages.

* Opposes lifting the ban on gays in the military


* Supports a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress, although Dole himself served in Congress for 35 years.

* Opposed campaign-finance reform legislation to ban political action committee contributions and give new incentives for candidates to accept voluntary spending limits.


* Although in the past supported reforming health care system to ensure universal coverage, opposed Clinton's broad health care reform proposal in 1994.

* Supports allowing people to finance their health care expenses with tax-deferred medical savings accounts.

* Supports overhauling Medicaid, the federal-state health care program for the poor, in order to give greater control to state governments.


* Supports measures to crack down on illegal immigration, including increased border patrols and more aggressive enforcement of deportation of criminal immigrants.

* Supports "modest, temporary" reductions in legal immigration.

* Supports legislation allowing states to deny public education to children of illegal immigrants.

* Supports establishment of English as the official U.S. language.


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