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no on 45

August 18, 1996

Thanks to Virbila for her review of Bistro 45. Several years ago my wife and I went there for an anniversary dinner and watched the table next to us (obviously regulars) get friendly, attentive service, while we (first-timers) were ignored all evening. We wrote a letter to the owner about our experience and received no reply.

Just deserts at last!

Kent Beyda



The review of Bistro 45 made my day. I used to dine there with some frequency, particularly for business, and had recommended it to several friends. However, my patronage came to a halt after receiving a strong dose of the "attitude" described in the review. At the beginning of a business lunch at which I was hosting a number of out-of-town guests, an employee dumped a pitcher of ice water down my back. Most good restaurants will bend over backward to rectify an accident. Not so Bistro 45.

If the ice water wasn't enough of a shock, there was the cavalier treatment by the waiter to compound it. To add insult to injury, when I complained to the owner on my way out the door, he told me that I had obviously come in with an attitude, that I shouldn't complain about a "little water" and that I had the option to take my business elsewhere. Needless to say, I've done exactly that.

Sally Newton


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