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House of Pane

August 24, 1996|CYNDI Y. NIGHTENGALE

A skylight can bring light into a room, but a roof window brings the room to life.

Velux roof windows visually enlarge small rooms and add drama to large open spaces. The windows seemingly blend with the outside.

Attics, above-garage rooms and lofts are ideal areas for roof windows.

Several styles and dimensions are available, including an arched fixed unit and a balcony model. The windows pictured ($1,763 and up) are installed at eye level for an unobstructed view from sitting or standing positions. Smaller windows start at $166 plus installation.

All have weather tight seals, a ventilation flap to allow in fresh air even when it's raining and a clear finish that eliminates the need for stain or paint on the wood frame and sash.

For more information, call (800) 888-3589.


Sink into the opulent curves and overstuffed arms of the furnishings in the Paramount leather collection by Pottery Barn.

Reminiscent of Parisian and Manhattan clubs of the 1930s, the pieces have streamlined curves and are covered with soft leather for complete comfort and relaxation.

The collection, available through the Pottery Barn Early Fall 1996 catalog, includes a sofa ($2,499), armchair ($1,299), ottoman ($449) and love seat ($2,299). There is also a sleeper sofa ($2,799) that unfolds into a queen-sized bed and a sleeper love seat ($2,599) that converts into a full-sized bed.

The furnishings come in black or distressed brown.

Call (800) 922-5507.

It's Toast

Consistency is the key to a great toaster, and Sunbeam's newest appliance ensures overall browning with a special circuit that eliminates voltage fluctuations, which can affect toasting times.

In addition to even toasting, Toast Logic has extra-wide slots with centering guides to keep your toast, muffins and bagels upright.

The toaster (three models, starting about $40) has a viewing window so you can check your food, a removable crumb tray that's dishwasher safe, adjustable light-dark setting knob and a stop button to cancel the toasting cycle at any time.

They can be found in department stores throughout the county.

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