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Moons, by William Dickey

August 25, 1996

At the Methodist ice cream sociable they meet

he in a hot straw hat, she in her dusk-colored


that in a corner of the night begin unfolding.

A principle is established: a thing like a tiny dot

in the center of a piece of virgin paper

begins unfolding, doubles and lies flat

panting with the effort, doubles itself again.

Nothing is involved that we could call

Consciousness, any more than in the automatic

opening of an umbrella that continues opening.

The ice cream sociable continues, growing older

and less distinct under a succession of moons

the rain moon, the hunter's moon, the burial


the moon of replacement. Something has opened

and continues opening, gradually using up the


which turns out to be all of the space there is.

From "The Education of Desire" by William Dickey (Wesleyan: $22.50, 88 pp.) . Copyright 1996 Reprinted by permission.

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