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Star Dust

August 25, 1996

(1) "Map and Guide to Movie Star Homes & Hangouts," California Cassette Driving Tours

(2) "Movie St*rs Homes," Rockwell Enterprises

(3) "Movie Stars' Homes," various authors

Hey, Neighbor!

1. Paul "Crocodile Dundee" Hogan, Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando (homes at 12400, 12830 and 12900 Mulholland Drive)

2. David Soul and Debbie Boone (863 and 701 Beverly Glen Boulevard); Casey Kasem and Tom Jones (362 and 363 Copa De Oro Road)

3. James Coburn and Juliet Prowse (1146 and 1136 Tower Road, Beverly Hills); Carroll Baker and Peter Falk (701 and 812 Foothill Road, Beverly Hills)

Baby, I'm a Star

1. Shari Lewis & Lamb Chop: Listed; Tom Hanks: Not Listed

2. Charo: Listed; Cher: Not Listed

3. Joey Bishop: Listed; Jim Carrey: Not Listed

You Put a Spell on Me

1. "Charleton" Heston, Harold "Ramos," Don "Henly"

2. "Mario" [Marlo] Thomas, Larry "Flint," "Natatlie" Wood

3. "Bob" Lowe (2817 "Nickols" Canyon), Peter "Lorrie"

Obligatory O.J. Mention

1. Simpson/Goldman murders dubbed "Crime of the Decade" over preferred "Crime of the Century"

2. "Simpson, O.J. Estate" (360 Rockingham Ave.) two blocks from "Diller, Phyllis" (163 Rockingham Ave.)

3. Unexplained placement of "Schwarzenegger, Arnold" between "Simpson, Nicole" and "Simpson, O.J." on otherwise alphabetical list

Together We're the Best

1. Quincy Jones (1100 Bel Air Place) and Art Linkletter (1100 Bel Air Road)

2. Eddie Murphy and Prince, both listed at 1081 Wallace Ridge Road

3. We are family on 603 Canon Drive, Beverly Hills: Peggy Lee, Patti Page and Robert Wagner

Ruth Buzzi Sig-Alert

1. 2309 Malaga Road, Hollywood

2. Not listed

3. Not listed

Snafus From the Crypt

1. "Marilyn Monroe: found overdosed here in her pool house. Suicide or Murder?" (12305 5th Helena Drive) [Monroe was found dead in her bedroom.]

2. Times founder Harrison Gray Otis' burial site, inventoried as "Otis, General"

3. Octogenarian bandleader Artie Shaw wrongly awarded the dreaded "deceased" asterisk next to name

Heartfelt Disclaimer

1. "Do Not Disturb Residents"

2. None

3. "Many movie stars prefer to live a secluded (secret) life. Please respect their privacy."

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