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More on North Dakota

August 25, 1996

I would like to thank you for printing the article about North Dakota ("North Dakota?" July 7). It is the almost-forgotten state.

I was born and raised in the eastern part of the state, mostly in Fargo. It's perhaps just as well if people don't hear about the positive aspects about the state--they might all decide to vacation there.



It was with delight and appreciation that I read Adam Z. Horvath's "North Dakota?" As a native North Dakotan, I am touched by Mr. Horvath's genuine interest, respect and accurate description of the usually maligned (or not even acknowledged!) North Dakota.

My roots there run deep into the grasslands settled by grandparents who came from Ukraine looking for a better life and parents who are convinced there is no better place on Earth..

Although I will probably never live in North Dakota again, I take comfort that it remains largely unaffected as a refuge from chaos . . . just in case!



After seeing a picture of the "World's Largest Buffalo," I went to my file of slides taken last summer in North Dakota. "Salem Sue," outside Salem, N.D., is no match for the 60-ton buffalo in Jamestown, but is identified as the "World's Largest Holstein Cow" with a height of 38 feet, a length of 50 feet and a weight of 12,000 pounds.


Santa Clarita

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