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Only Those With Thick Skin Need Apply

August 28, 1996|BILL HIGGINS

Words of wisdom to potential assistants from those who've been there:

* Wear the Wonderbra.

* Steal the screening passes.

* Learn to weasel off your boss' reputation to get things.

* All the stories you hear are true.

* Yes, there are 10 people who would take your job. Yes, you could be replaced in an instant.

* Talk to the prior assistant. See if she/he's gone on to a good job or long-term therapy.

* Don't take the job if you're older than 25.

* If you're not working for the person who can get you the job you really want, it's not worth it.

* Flirt much, but go no further.

* It all comes down to how much pain and humiliation you can take. It's not a job for the fainthearted.

* If you're meeting a client for a drink, go to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel: You buy one drink and they bring endless olives, spicy crackers and pretzels. It's tough living on $350 a week.

* If after two years you're still an assistant at the same level, move on. It's not your calling.

* Getting yelled at is part of the job. Don't take it personally.

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