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Past Keynoters

August 28, 1996

In theory, a convention keynote speaker is charged with setting the tone and mood for the party during its moment of highest visibility. And when Gov. Evan Bayh of Indiana took the stage Tuesday night to deliver the 1996 Democratic keynote address, he found himself with a rare chance to make himself known to millions of Americans. Yet despite that spotlight, few keynoters in contemporary times have gone on to bigger and better things. Here is a list of past Democratic keynoters, with their titles at the time of the address:

1992 (New York) Georgia Gov. Zell Miller, former Rep. Barbara Jordan of Texas and Sen. Bill Bradley of New Jersey

1988 (Atlanta) Ann Richards, Texas state treasurer

1984 (San Francisco) New York Gov. Mario M. Cuomo

1980 (New York) Rep. Morris K. Udall of Arizona

1976 (New York) Sen. John Glenn of Ohio, Rep. Barbara Jordan

1972 (Miami) Florida Gov. Reubin O. Askew

Whose Platform Was That?

"We need a smaller, more effective, more efficient, less bureaucratic government that reflects our time-honored values. The American people do not want big-government solutions. . . . They want a government that is for them, not against them; that doesn't interfere with their lives but enhances their quality of life."

A sound bite from the Republican National Convention earlier this month? Guess again. The quote comes from the Democratic platform, approved Tuesday night, and stands as an example of the party's embrace of themes that were once the province of the GOP.

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