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Actually, It's Rather Wholesome


When Club Pornography opened two months ago, it looked as if it were going to be a bomb. At the last minute, the Sunday night dance club moved from the Dragonfly to Club Lingerie, and the folks who turned out for the event walked through the noxious vapor smoke clouds as if in some clubland Twilight Zone.

Surprise: Club Pornography has evolved into quite the scene. When the Lingerie was gutted last year, it was turned into a "Miami Vice"-meets-Koreatown discotheque, but the club's popularity helps overshadow the decor disaster--with so many bodies in motion, you don't really notice the faux cowhide love seats.

You're more likely to notice the inordinate number of good-looking attendees--kind of a cross-section of Tatou expatriates without quite the sleaze factor. Indeed, one would expect more sleaze from a promotion titled Club Pornography, and that name is actually one of the club's miscalculations. Aside from being sponsored by an adult-movie company, the only hint of fetish is the company's ongoing slide show of its video box covers, which lists the film names and stars--many of whom turn out each week.

Other than that, there's nary a go-go dancer in sight. In fact, Club Pornography is rather a wholesome dance club, with deejays Sean Perry, Bee J and AM taking advantage of the club's top-notch sound and lighting systems by mixing things up with a bit of disco, funk and rare groove.

There's no doubt that the club's raunchy name has little to do with its success and that its popularity is all about the music. As Perry proved on a recent Sunday, to pack a dance floor, keep the mathematics simple, i.e., Michael Jackson is still the King of Pop. Play "PTY" or "Got to Be Starting Something" and the booties will shake.

* Club Pornography, Sunday from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Club Lingerie, 6507 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood. 21 and over, $10 cover. (213) 969-4656.


The Buzz: The Faultline, already home to the revamped Pan experience, keeps getting busier. The gay leather bar on Melrose Avenue just east of Vermont now hosts "Hard," a month-old dance club on the third Saturday of the month from the folks who brought clubland Hai Karate. . . . Summer's about over, and we know it because Moguls is having a back-to-school parking lot sale--actually the hip Hollywood club is hosting an all-ages, all-day "Pop in the Parking Lot" concert on Sunday, featuring Red 5, Chopper One, Supersport 2000 and others.

* Hard, (213) 960-5732. Moguls, (213) 883-1665.

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