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Mountain View Estates Annexation Rescinded

August 30, 1996|SYLVIA L. OLIANDE

The annexation of Mountain View Estates to the city of Calabasas, for which some residents had fought hard over the years and which was approved last month by the city, may not become a reality after all.

At a Calabasas City Council meeting Wednesday night, the July 23 resolution approving annexation was rescinded, reportedly because it had unspecified legal problems.

Mayor Bob Hill announced at the meeting that the issue would not go for a vote again as scheduled but would be held until Mountain View residents are asked their opinions about joining the city.

"We have heard that there are questions and doubts about annexation," Hill said. "We think that should be resolved locally, rather than us trying to solve the issues for the homeowners association."

When last polled three years ago, a majority of residents favored annexation. But many homeowners who have since moved in have not stated their opinions.

Herb Kurit, president of the Mountain View Homeowners Assn., invited council members to the group's Oct. 21 meeting to discuss the issue, and asked them, "What's in it for us?"

Councilman Marvin Lopata said Thursday the advantage would be having influence in a small city, rather than having little with Los Angeles County.

"Their reasons should be the same as the reasons for incorporation, to have a greater local control," he said. "They can almost walk to City Hall."

But in a letter sent to homeowners, Kurit outlined several reasons to question the annexation, including concern that the city has given in to the developers of the controversial proposed Ahmanson Ranch project near their homes.

Lopata said the city has done all it can to fight the development, but it may not be able to continue to legally challenge the developer.

"The city cannot be the savior," he said. If that were the only reason for annexation, he said, "They were doing it for the wrong reasons."

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