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The Spray Solution

September 05, 1996|CHARLES PERRY

We've tried cooking without oil, and boy, was it hard. Then we heard that you have to have some oil in your diet anyway, for proper nutrition. But it's hard to cook with just a little.

Oil sprays are a good solution. World Cuisine Oils come in pump cans that deliver a mist of flavored oil (Italian, Oriental, Southwestern or Cajun) containing less than one calorie and just a whimsical 0.12 grams of fat per spray. They can be used for frying, stir-frying, baking, grilling or last-minute seasoning. One four-ounce bottle is good for about 920 sprays, and the manufacturer estimates it takes 10 sprays for the average cooking project.

Available in specialty stores, or order direct from (800) 407-6006.

Waha Hoo-Hah

Bound to happen: Waha Wera, the world's first kiwi habanero sauce. It's made with kiwi fruit, of course, but it's also the first habanero sauce from New Zealand, so it's "kiwi" in two senses, you see.

Whatever. Anyway, the aroma is like a sort of subtropical catsup, the taste sweet and pleasant, the burn sharp but not painful and quite persistent.

Available from Mo Hotta Mo Betta, (805) 544-4051.

The Garlic Gun

Garlic Valley Farms Garlic Juice Spray--now, there's a name that doesn't beat around the bush. It's an 8-ounce pump spray bottle containing an estimated 1,200 spritzes of garlic juice. The Glendale-based manufacturer suggests spraying it on food just before serving to preserve the flavor (the bottle should be refrigerated after opening).

Ah, but what other uses are possible! A foodie perfume! A room odorant! And perhaps even more: The same people make a garlic-based mosquito repellent for golf courses and parks.

Available at Gelsons, Bristol Farms and Pavilions markets.

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