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Licensing for Adult Businesses Amended

September 07, 1996|MIMI KO CRUZ

The City Council this week revised La Habra's adult entertainment ordinance, spelling out specifically the details and timetable for seeking a business license and setting up shop.

Council members said they expect to give final approval to the revisions in two weeks so that the changes would take effect in October.

The current law states only where an adult establishment such as a nude bar may locate and how to get permission to open such a business. The revised ordinance gives an exact timetable for filing a business application, seeking public comment and conducting a traffic study.

It also states that all adult businesses must be at least 275 feet away from any residential zone, school, church or park, measured from property line to property line, rather than from building to building.

City officials said the purpose for the revisions is to keep the adult business ordinance updated to reflect recent court rulings and to avoid misunderstandings.

Officials revisited the issue after the city was ordered by a federal judge in Los Angeles to issue a permit for the Pelican Theater, being proposed as a nude juice bar. The ordinance revision will have no effect on that case, officials said.

The City Council last year denied an entertainment permit to a business partnership for the Pelican, which would feature nude dancing but serve no alcoholic beverages. The partnership sued the city, alleging that the council's action was unconstitutional.

The business is proceeding with construction of the establishment at Imperial Highway and Harbor Boulevard and is seeking another court order to force the city to issue an entertainment permit so it can open.

According to guidelines, cities may not ban businesses such as adult bookstores and nude dance clubs but may set strict limits on their locations and operations.

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