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After 'Trek': Sci-Fi Lust

September 08, 1996

There has been no shortage of sci-fi TV series in the 30 years since "Star Trek" set sail. Enter our time tunnel:

Longest-Running Series

"ALF": 1986-90; NBC.

"Babylon 5": 1994-present; syndicated.

"Highlander: The Series": 1992-present; syn.

"The Incredible Hulk": 1978-82; CBS.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman": 1993-present; ABC.

"Mork & Mindy": 1978-82; ABC.

"Mystery Science Theater 3000": 1991-96; Comedy Central. Will return in 1997 on Sci-Fi Channel.

"Quantum Leap": 1989-93; NBC.

"The Six Million Dollar Man": 1974-78; ABC.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine": 1993-present; syn.

"Star Trek: The Next Generation": 1987-94; syn.

"Superboy": 1988-92; syn.

"Tales From the Crypt": 1991-96; HBO. 1994-96; Fox.

"The X-Files": 1993-present; Fox.

The Rest, Alphabetically

"The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.": 1993-94; Fox.

"Alien Nation": 1989-90; Fox.

"The Amazing Spider-Man": 1978; CBS.

"Amazing Stories": 1985-87; NBC.

"Automan": 1983-84; ABC.

"Battlestar Galactica": 1978-79; ABC. Revamped as "Galactica 1980": 1980; ABC.

"Beauty and the Beast": 1987-90; CBS.

"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures": 1992; Fox.

"The Bionic Woman": 1976-78; ABC.

"Blake's 7": BBC series that aired on KOCE; 1992-93.

"Buck Rogers in the 25th Century": 1979-81; NBC.

"The Burning Zone," fall 1996; UPN.

"Dark Skies": fall 1996; NBC.

"Deadly Games": 1995-96; UPN.

"Earth 2": 1994-95; NBC.

"Fantastic Journey": 1977; NBC.

"Future Cop": 1977; ABC.

"Gemini Man": 1976; NBC.

"The Greatest American Hero": 1981-83; ABC.

"Hard Time on Planet Earth": 1989; CBS.

"The Highwayman": 1988; NBC.

"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy": BBC series that appeared in syndication on PBS in 1983-89 and 1993-95.

"Homeboys From Outer Space": fall 1996; UPN.

"The Immortal": 1970-71; ABC.

"The Invaders": 1967-68; ABC.

"The Invisible Man": 1975-76; NBC.

"Land of the Giants": 1968-70; ABC.

"Legend": 1995; UPN.

"Logan's Run": 1977-78; CBS.

"The Man From Atlantis": 1977-78; NBC.

"Maniac Mansion": 1990-93; Family Channel.

"Manimal": 1983; NBC.

"Mann and Machine": 1992; NBC.

"M.A.N.T.I.S.": 1994-95; Fox.

"Max Headroom": 1987; ABC.

"Misfits of Science": 1985-86; NBC.

"My Secret Identity": 1988-91; syn.

"Night Gallery": 1970-73; NBC.

"Nightmare Cafe": 1992; NBC.

"Otherworld": 1985; CBS.

"The Outer Limits": 1995-present; Showtime and syn.

"Outlaws": 1986-87; CBS.

"The Phoenix": 1982; ABC.

"Planet of the Apes": 1974; CBS.

"Poltergeist": 1996-present; Showtime.

"The Powers of Matthew Star": 1982-83; NBC.

"The Prisoner": 1968 (rerun 1969); CBS.

"Probe": 1988; ABC.

"Project U.F.O.": 1978-79; NBC.

"Quark": 1978; NBC.

"The Ray Bradbury Theatre": 1985-87; HBO and USA.

"Red Dwarf": BBC series that aired in syndication on PBS in 1989-95.

"RoboCop--The Series": 1994-95; syn.

"Salvage I": 1979; ABC.

Sci-Fi Channel: 1992-present.

"SeaQuest DSV": 1993-96; NBC.

"Shadow Chasers": 1985-86; ABC.

"She-Wolf of London": 1990-91; syn.

"Sliders": 1995-present; Fox.

"Something Is Out There": 1988; NBC.

"Space: Above and Beyond": 1995-96; Fox.

"Space Cases": 1995-present; Nickelodeon.

"Space: 1999": 1975-77; syn.

"Space Precinct": 1994-95; syn.

"Space Rangers": 1993; CBS.

"Starman": 1986-87; ABC.

"Star Trek: Voyager": 1995-present; UPN.

"Stephen King's The Golden Years": 1991; CBS.

"Street Hawk": 1985; ABC.

"Super Force": 1990-92; syn.

"Swamp Thing": 1990-93; USA.

"Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills": 1994-95; USA.

"Tekwar": 1995; USA.

"They Came From Outer Space": 1990-91; syn.

"3rd Rock From the Sun": 1996-present; NBC.

"Time Trax": 1993-94; syn.

"Time Tunnel": 1966-67; ABC.

"The Tomorrow People"; 1994-95; Nickelodeon.

"Twilight Zone": 1985-87; CBS. 1987-88; syn.

"UFO": 1972; syn.

"V": 1984-85; NBC.

"Viper": 1994; NBC.

"Voyagers": 1982-83; NBC.

"VR.5": 1995; Fox.

"War of the Worlds": 1988-90; syn.

"Weird Science": 1994-present; USA.

"The Wizard": 1986-87; CBS.


Compiled by Susan King

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