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Top Honors

September 09, 1996


Series: "Frasier"

Actor: John Lithgow ' '3rd Rock From the Sun"

Actress: Helen Hunt "Mad About You"



Series: "ER"

Actor: Dennis Franz "NYPD Blue"

Actress: Kathy Baker "Picket Fences"


TV Movie

Production: "Truman"

Actor: Alan Rickman "Rasputin"

Actress: Helen Mirren "Prime Suspect"

Box Score


Top Shows Emmys "The X-Files" (Fox) 5 "Gulliver's Travels" (NBC) 5 "Frasier" (NBC) 4 "Rasputin" (HBO) 3 "Tuskegee Airmen" (HBO) 3



Network Emmys NBC 20 HBO 14 ABC 12 CBS 11 Fox 5 PBS 3 TNT 3 TBS 3


Sound Bites

Milton Berle

Introduced by Oprah Winfrey as television's first superstar.

"Opree . . . Oprah. I'm having trouble with my vowels. Thank you very much for those sweet things you said about me. And it's all true."


Gary Shandling

Presenting award for outstanding comedy series:

"I . . . am uncomfortable that there are 600 million people watching because it makes me think that there are 2.8 billion not watching. Why don't they like me?"


Helen Mirren

Accepting award for best actress in a miniseries or special for "Prime Suspect: Scent of Darkness":

"I'm dead chuffed. That means I'm very, very pleased in American."

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