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September 10, 1996

A Little History

Formed in 1971, the Freeway League has had one of the county's most stable school lineups. Buena Park, Sunny Hills and Troy have been in the league every year. Fullerton and La Habra were charter members who returned to the league in 1981 after five-year absences.

When Sonora joined in 1981, it gave the Freeway League the roster it has maintained to date.

So it is perhaps surprising that the greatest team and player in league history was not from one of those schools. Santa Ana Valley, during a two-year Freeway League stint, rolled to a section championship in 1974. The Falcons were led by Myron White, who completed his high school career with a then-county record of 4,164 yards rushing.

Since then, Sunny Hills has been the most dominant team, winning or sharing league titles in 10 of the last 19 seasons, with three section titles. Thanks to a four-way tie for the championship in 1994, five of the six schools can claim a Freeway League title in the last three seasons.

League champions since 1974

1974 Santa Ana Valley

1975 Santa Ana Valley

1976 Anaheim and Troy

1977 Sunny Hills

1978 Sunny Hills

1979 Troy

1980 Sunny Hills

1981 Fullerton and La Habra

1982 Fullerton

1983 La Habra

1984 Sunny Hills

1985 La Habra

1986 La Habra and Sunny Hills

1987 Sunny Hills

1988 La Habra

1989 Sunny Hills

1990 Sunny Hills

1991 Buena Park

1992 Sunny Hills

1993 Troy

1994 Buena Park, Fullerton, Sonora and Sunny Hills

1995 Fullerton

Southern Section champions since 1974

1974 Santa Ana Valley (Division 2-A)

1983 Sunny Hills (Central Conference)

1984 Fullerton (Central Conference)

1990 Sunny Hills (Division VI)

1992 Sunny Hills (Division VI)

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