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September 10, 1996

A Little History

The Garden Grove League, formed in 1966, has had one of those county's most stable lineups.

It was the only county league not affected by a major realignment in 1974, and with the exception of Pacifica's six-year stint in the Empire League in the '80s, and a seven-year membership by Kennedy that ended in 1994, its roster remains the same.

Pacifica dominated the league in the '70s, La Quinta took three consecutive championships in the '80s and advanced to a section championship game in 1985 and 1989, and Rancho Alamitos lost in a section title game in both 1992 and '93. But the league's only section championship was won in 1986 by Bolsa Grande, one of the greatest offensive powers in county history.

The Matadors, coached by Greg Shadid and running a veer option offense behind quarterback Damon Fisher and running backs Travis Lui and Ricky Lepule, rolled to the Central Conference championship, defeating Valencia, 24-7, in the final.

Bolsa Grande was ranked No. 1 in Orange County following a 10-0 regular season in 1987, but was forced to forfeit five victories for using an ineligible player, then lost in the second round of the playoffs.

League champions since 1974

1974 Pacifica

1975 Garden Grove and Pacifica

1976 Pacifica

1977 Pacifica

1978 Pacifica and Santiago

1979 Pacifica

1980 Garden Grove

1981 La Quinta, Los Amigos and Rancho Alamitos

1982 Los Amigos and Rancho Alamitos

1983 La Quinta

1984 La Quinta

1985 La Quinta

1986 Bolsa Grande

1987 Pacifica

1988 Pacifica

1989 Pacifica

1990 La Quinta

1991 Garden Grove

1992 Rancho Alamitos

1993 Kennedy

1994 Rancho Alamitos



Southern Section champions

1986 Bolsa Grande (Central Conference)

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