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Lake Casitas' Reputation Goes Worldwide

September 11, 1996

Lake Casitas can now call itself the world famous Lake Casitas.

Seems the Ventura County reservoir's reputation as one of the premier largemouth bass fisheries in the country is spreading abroad.

Jin Kayahasi, an angler from Japan, traveled here this past week to specifically fish for big bass in Casitas. And the lake did not disappoint. Kayahasi, with guide Harry "the Hat" Jioras, caught nine fish, including a 9-pounder that inhaled a crawdad.

"He came all the way from Japan just to fish this lake," concession manager Randy King said. "I didn't know what a wonderful place we had here."

LAKE PERRIS--Largemouth bass good, most in 14-inch range, biting on plastics, night crawlers and spinnerbaits. Don Lovelace, Huntington Beach, 12-2 bass, on a jig at east end. Bluegill fair on mealworms and jigs at east end and Bernasconi Beach.

IRVINE LAKE--Another big catfish for Elaine Dickerhoof of Anaheim, who landed a 52-2 two weeks after landing a 54-0. Both catfish took huge chunks of mackerel. Lots of limits of smaller catfish. Crappie picking up, biting on small plastic jigs throughout lake. Some largemouth bass, most being caught in mornings.

LAGUNA NIGUEL LAKE--Catfish active at dusk, biting on anchovies and mackerel. Largemouth bass good on dark-colored plastic worms and night crawlers. Bluegill fair on worms.

SILVERWOOD LAKE--Catfish best bet, biting on anchovies throughout lake. Some largemouth bass. Striped bass slow but Gordon Griffith, Lancaster, caught a 27-0, on an AC Plug at the spillway.

GREEN VALLEY LAKE--Several limits of trout. Brian Rosenthal, San Pedro, 7-9 trout, on green-glitter Power Bait.

LAKE CACHUMA--Red ear perch and bluegill active behind Arrowhead Island and narrows. Mealworms and night crawler pieces getting most. Largemouth bass fair on crankbaits and spinnerbaits.

LAKE CASITAS--Largemouth bass fair for mostly small fish. Randy Crabtree, Oak View, 9-2, 6-8 and 5-0 bass, and 15-5 catfish, on spinnerbaits and mackerel. Catfish good on mackerel.

PYRAMID LAKE--Crappie and bluegill fair on jigs in marina area. Some largemouth and smallmouth bass, most being caught in mornings on crankbaits in coves. Occasional striped bass.

LAKE PIRU--Largemouth bass fair. Marisa Torres, Saugus, 4-8 bass, on night crawler at Reasoner Cove. Garrett Toy, Camarillo, five bass, on spinners in shallows. Some catfish. Marcos Hernandez, Fillmore, 14-8 catfish, on mackerel at Reasoner Cove. William Gavaghaa, Covina, 12-0 catfish, on mackerel at Cow Cove.

CASTAIC LAKE--Largemouth bass very active in upper and lower lake. Rod Thigpin, Santa Paula, 11 bass, largest 11-0, on homemade lure. Lisa Buckley, Castaic, 13-2 and 8-0 bass, on crawdads. Scott Gundeck, Florida, and guide Gary Harrison, 10 bass between 4-0 and 8-8, on Wham Fisheze and spoons. Jim Hall, Van Nuys, 20 bass to 9-4, on RoboWorms.


The Times accepts and publishes the catch count as a public service. Any responsibility for accuracy is that of the landing operator.

SAN SIMEON--(Virg's Landing)--6 anglers (1 boat): 2 lingcod, 24 red rock cod, 14 rock cod, 50 rockfish.

MORRO BAY (Virg's Landing)--12 anglers (1 boat): 3 lingcod, 40 rock cod, 70 rockfish, 1 cabezon. (Bob's Sportfishing)--7 anglers (1 boat): 2 lingcod, 16 red rock cod, 1 red snapper, 88 bass.

SANTA BARBARA (Hornet Sportfishing)--6 anglers (1 boat): 31 calico bass, 23 sand bass, 3 rockfish, 100 mackerel. (Sea Landing Sportfishing)--6 anglers (1 boat): 60 calico bass, 25 mackerel, 6 barracuda, 11 rockfish.

VENTURA--18 anglers (1 boat): 65 calico bass, 15 barracuda, 19 rockfish, 13 sculpin, 18 sheephead. (Harbor Village)--34 anglers (2 boats): 40 sand bass, 5 yellowfin tuna.

OXNARD (Cisco's)--31 anglers (2 boats): 75 calico bass, 1 halibut, 38 rockfish, 14 sand bass, 14 whitefish, 2 cabezon, 43 sculpin.

PORT HUENEME--26 anglers (2 boats): 50 rock cod, 39 calico bass, 6 rockfish, 2 halibut, 3 sand bass, 2 whitefish.

MARINA DEL REY--69 anglers (4 boats): 6 halibut, 16 barracuda, 26 sculpin, 178 sand bass, 184 calico bass, 63 whitefish, 6 bonito.

REDONDO--89 anglers (5 boats): 5 yellowtail, 118 bonito, 127 calico bass, 5 sand bass, 9 barracuda, 7 sheephead, 12 sculpin, 4 whitefish, 6 rockfish. Barge--48 anglers: 35 bonito, 6 sand bass, 8 sculpin, 480 mackerel, 16 rockfish.

SAN PEDRO (L.A. Harbor Sportfishing)--61 anglers (3 boats): 134 bonito, 4 barracuda, 44 calico bass, 13 sheephead, 12 sculpin, 3 whitefish, 8 rockfish, 1 cabezon. (22nd St. Landing)--61 anglers (3 boats): 31 yellowfin tuna, 2 yellowtail, 74 calico bass, 8 barracuda, 14 sand bass, 132 bonito, 22 sculpin, 24 whitefish, 8 sheephead, 9 blue perch, 18 rockfish, 21 skipjack.

LONG BEACH--42 anglers (3 boats): 1 yellowtail, 4 barracuda, 91 calico bass, 15 whitefish, 5 bonito, 19 sculpin. (Belmont Pier)--27 anglers (3 boats): 2 barracuda, 65 bonito, 63 calico bass, 250 mackerel, 12 sand bass, 24 sculpin.

SEAL BEACH--13 anglers (1 boat): 13 calico bass, 26 sand bass, 1 sheephead, 3 sculpin.

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